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SLM VAPOR HOSE  Suitable for dispensers with active vapour recovery. Design and technical details see overleaf. Resistant to petrol and ozone, low diffusion.
SHANNON 85 Steel cord hose used for concrete placement at casting locations; it is used at the end of the pumps to distribute the concrete. The hose resists suction during the cleaning process. Usually supplied with swaged on “Full flow” hardened couplings.
Light and flexible lorry collecting hose suitable for milk and milk byproducts with an improved resistance to higher pressure.
Designed for air, cold and hot water and light-chemical media. Major properties of PYTHON hoses are: • high ozone resistance; • antistatic resistance; • high temperature resistance; • low temperature resistance; • non-staining cover; • high flexibility
Hose construction
Tube: Black, antistatic, smooth EPDM nitrosamine free rubber compound, resistant to light-chemical media
Reinforcement: Synthetic textile yarns
Cover: Green, smooth EPDM nitrosamine free rubber compound
Hose temperature range
-40°C to +120°C up to +140°C
According to: I.D. ≤ 25 mm UNI EN ISO 1307; I.D. > 25 mm RMA steel mandrel

Multipurpose hose PYTHON NV/L 20

Nitrosamine free hoses • Unmatchable handiness
• Its versatility of use helps to keep a controlled stock
• Wide range temperature
• Nitrosamine free • Burst Pressure Value 3:1

Number I.D. O.D. WP BP W R min
mm mm bar bar kg mm
IH30351200/40 10 17 20 60 0.22 60
IH30351201/40 13 20 20 60 0.26 80
IH30351202/40 15 22 20 60 0.29 90
IH30351203/40 19 27 20 60 0.41 110
IH30351204/40 25 34 20 60 0.60 150
IH36351201/40 32 44 20 60 0.98 320
IH36351202/40 38 51 20 60 1.20 380
IH36351203/40 42 56 20 60 1.42 420
IH36351204/40 50 66 20 60 1.76 500