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SLM VAPOR HOSE  Suitable for dispensers with active vapour recovery. Design and technical details see overleaf. Resistant to petrol and ozone, low diffusion.
SHANNON 85 Steel cord hose used for concrete placement at casting locations; it is used at the end of the pumps to distribute the concrete. The hose resists suction during the cleaning process. Usually supplied with swaged on “Full flow” hardened couplings.
Light and flexible lorry collecting hose suitable for milk and milk byproducts with an improved resistance to higher pressure.
Delivery hose for non fatty food liquids, in accordance with main food specifications and available with couplings. Phthalates free. Softwall hose for delivery of water, wine, juice, soft drinks, and other foodstuffs when a food quality hose is required. Not recommended for oily or fatty liquids.
Hose construction
Tube: white, smooth NR food quality rubber.
Reinforcement: high strength synthetic cord, separated by a layer of rubber.
Cover: red, smooth (wrapped finish), EPDM rubber, weathering resistant.
Hose temperature range
-35°C to +70°C


Reg. CE 1935/04 and CE 2023/06. Phthalates free. PAHs free (acc. to ZEK 01.4-08 Cat. 1). Bisphenol A free. FDA tit.21 art. 177.2600 aqueous and fatty foods. BfR XXI cat.2 foods. D.M. 21/03/73 aqueous foods and alcohols at 72°.

Code ID - mm OD - mm WP - bar BP - bar Weight - kg/m Lengtd - m
MERLOT013 13 22 10 30 0,32 60
MERLOT019 19 27 10 30 0,36 60
MERLOT025 25 34 10 30 0,54 60
MERLOT032 32 48 10 30 1,29 60
MERLOT038 38 55 10 30 1,63 60
MERLOT040 40 54 10 30 1,37 60
MERLOT051 51 65 10 30 1,70 60
MERLOT063 63,5 88,5 10 30 4,13 60
MERLOT076 76 101 10 30 4,64 60