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SLM VAPOR HOSE  Suitable for dispensers with active vapour recovery. Design and technical details see overleaf. Resistant to petrol and ozone, low diffusion.
SHANNON 85 Steel cord hose used for concrete placement at casting locations; it is used at the end of the pumps to distribute the concrete. The hose resists suction during the cleaning process. Usually supplied with swaged on “Full flow” hardened couplings.
Light and flexible lorry collecting hose suitable for milk and milk byproducts with an improved resistance to higher pressure.
Suction and delivery of wine and liquid foodstu¬s in cellars, stores and docks for loading and unloading tankers and storage tankers.
Hose construction
Flexible and light hose having a red, rigid PVC spiral embedded in transparent PVC wall, manufactured with materials according to 2007/19/EC European Standard for foods, and 2002/95/EC European standard RoHS.
Hose temperature range
-25 °C ÷ +60 °C


• According to EC 1935/2004 Class A, B and C
• Heavy duty mission profile
• Vacuum: 0.9 bar
• Burst Pressure Value 3:1

Number I.D. O.D. WP BP Weight Min R
mm mm bar bar kg mm
IH35620025/50 25 34 10 30 0.55 125
IH35620030/50 30 40 10 30 0.65 150
IH35620040/50 40 50 9 27 0.85 200
IH35620050/50 50 62 8 24 1.20 250
IH35620060/50 60 72 7.5 22.5 1.60 360
IH35620080/50 80 94 6.5 19.5 2.20 520
IH35620100/25 100 116 5 15 3.36 650
IH35620120/25 120 138 3 9 4.20 780