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The SiteSentinel® Nano™
The console’s small equipment footprint makes it ideal for fueling operations of all sizes. The gauge, which accommodates 12 probes and 24 sensors, allows for future system expansion. Multi-drop technology can reduce installation costs by minimizing the wiring and labor needed for quick site install. Web-based interface facilitates remote training

Metal expansion joints
The elastic metal bellowed parts absorbing the heat induced expansion or contraction of pipelines conveying hot or cold fl uids or subject to drastic changes in ambient temperatures are called expansion joints.

Ebsray® Pumps
designs and manufactures a comprehensive program of Positive Displacement and Regenerative Turbine pumps for a wide range of industrial applications.

Abrasion-proof and antistatic hoses
DAIS starts off its anniversary year 2014 by offering its reliable and solid Norres AIRDUC® PUR 350 MHF AS, 355 AS and 356 AS models as an antistatic version as standard and at no additional cost. This is also valid for the Norres PROTAPE® PUR 301 AS.