Dais Global LTD is founded in 2005 as company supplying industrial equipment and maintenance. We are leading company in:
- Supplying equipment and maintenance for fuel tank trucks, LPG tanks, bulk tanks, chemical tanks and other transport units for hazardous loads.Dais Global LTD have also service station for maintaining the tank trucks
- Dais Global LTD supplies brand new and second hand tank trucks for fuels, LPG, chemicals, foods and bulk tank trucks
- Dais Global LTD supplies equipment for petrol and chemical vehicle trestles and railway trestlesv
- Hoses and couplings for hoses(nozzles)
- Industrial pumps and flow meters. Maintenance and spare parts for pumps. BUSCH vacuum pumps, vane and centrifugal pumps BLACKMER, Alfons HAAR, PIUSI and others
- Supplying gas stations equipment

     With its entry into the segment of hoses and nozzles Dais Global LTD have modern presentations of the hoses.
For the required hoses you could always find a competent salesman who will advise you in choosing the best hose for your needs.

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Dais products

  Since 2009, Dais Global extended its warehouse, which allows us to offer direct delivery. Hoses, who are not in stock we are able to offer short term supply of stock in Italy or Spain. We offer free coupling the ends of hoses purchased from us. At our warehouse you can find:

-   Water hoses
-   Oil and fuel hoses
-   Ducting hoses
-   Air hoses
-   Beverage and food hoses
-   Acid and chemical hoses
-   Gas hoses
-   Hot water and steam hose
-   Automotive and boat hoses
-   Material handling hoses
-   Cable protection hoses
-   Multipurpose hoses
-   Stainless steel hoses
-   Peristaltic pump hoses
-   Criogenic hoses
-   PTFE hoses